In a major decision on September 08-, 2020, National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced a revised dress code for the NEET aspirants. The sources say that the agency has taken the decision just to ensure effective safety and protection for the students appearing in the NEET-UG 2020. It is good to mention that NTA is all set to conduct the exam on September 13, 2020, in more than 600 test centers across the country.

The main objective of this new dress code is to ensure that the students may feel comfortable while taking the test that is scheduled to last for three (3) hours. The applicants must remember that the revised guidelines are not applicable for the mask and hand gloves as they are required to use both throughout the examination duration. The NTA has appealed to all the appearing candidates to go through the instructions mentioned in the admit card that they could download from the NTA official website. In addition, they would need to carry the filled-in declaration form with them to their respective test centers.

Revised Dress Code For NEET-2020-Know What To Wear and What Not To Wear
• The mask and gloves are mandatory for every applicant appearing in NEET 2020.
• Cultural or Customary dresses are allowed in the test centers.
• Students are advised to put on light clothes during the test duration.
• The agency forbids long-sleeve dresses for both male and female candidates
• Shoes are not allowed. Instead, students are allowed to put on slippers and sandals.
• Candidates are advised not to use watches and heavy jewelry items at the test centers.
• Female candidates may use customary headgear, hair bands, etc.

The NTA has informed the candidates to consider these codes very strictly. Otherwise, they may be restricted from taking the test. The agency has allowed a special dress with respect to the climatic conditions.

Things that students should not carry:
The agency has also issued a list of things that the students should avoid carrying with them at the center. These things include Instrument boxes/Pencil Boxes, Purse, Wallets, handbags, Eatable foods, any kind of paper, printed or unprinted, mobile handsets, Earphone, Microphone, Pager, Calculator, Camera, Tape Recorder, Electronic gadgets/devices, Electronic watches, and any metallic items. Students appearing in the test must abide by these guidelines to ensure smooth conduction of the long-awaited NEET-2020 exams.