The National Testing Agency will conduct the NEET 2019 for the medical aspirants all across India. The agency decided to delay the exam time from 10 am to 2 pm on 5 May 2019. The new exam time schedule will be from 2 pm to 5 pm. Every year the students face a huge issue of time. The candidates for slot 1 exam were supposed to be present in the respective exam centers by 8.30 am, whereas for the slot 2 had to be present by 9.30 am.


The students, who were unable to reach the centers within the stipulated time, were not allowed to sit for the exam. The students who reported the centers at 7.30am were not allowed to have food before the exam got over.



NEET 2019 will have no slots, but all students have to report at the centers by 1.30 pm. Amiya Maity, former professor of SSKM Hospital explained that it was a great difficulty for the candidates to report the examination center within the stipulated time. If slot 1 was assigned to the student then it was mandatory to report at the center by 8.30 am. If a student was traveling from far distant areas.  It was a huge problem for those students to reach within time.



18% GST and Service charge was put up as well upon NEET 2019 exam fee. Even the former professor said that the NTA was not accepting their mistakes for translational errors. It was also seen that the students who had mother language other than Hindi were not encouraged in taking examination other than English. Last year the Tamil speaking students faced problems in translation. The agency did not take any responsibility regarding such irresponsible behavior.



This year as well the students can take an exam in 11 languages. A notification has come that if any kind of translational error appears then English question will be considered as the final one. The students who had suffered also explained how they lost marks due to translational errors and unable to follow the English version.


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