Can you crack NEET 2019 in just 30 days? Is one month enough to prepare for your NEET exam? The answer is a resounding YES. The fact is, with the right determination and a positive mindset you can actually clear NEET in just a month.

As you have very little time left in your hand for effective NEET 2019 preparation, it is crucial that you develop the right study strategy to help you reach your medical career goals. So without wasting any more time, let us get right down to the point.

Here are is what you need to do to crack NEET 2019 with just a month to prepare –

Follow a study routine

If you don’t have an effective timetable yet, immediately make create a detailed study schedule based on your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to consider which subjects you are good with and which topics you find challenging while making your timetable. You should invest more time in studying chapters you find hard while revising the topics you have already studied. You must also consider different facets of your life like school timings, tuitions, sleep, dinner, breaks and other personal needs while making your timetable. Once you have a well-structured study routine, make sure to follow it strictly.

Set a duration

How should you study on a regular basis? Well, if you want to crack NEET 2019 with just 30 days of preparation, then you will need to put in the work. It is crucial that you study for at least 10-12 hours every single day for the next month if you wish to clear NEET. If you fail to plan well, then you plan to fail. If you wish to succeed and become a doctor, then make sure to study 10 to 12 hours daily. However, you need to take small breaks in between to give enough space to your mind to process what you have learned.

What to study

What you study in the final phase of your NEET 2019 preparation is exceptionally important as it can spell the difference between success and failure. Here are a few things you can do-

  • It is imperative that you study one chapter from every subject at least a day.
  • As you don’t have too much time left, focus ONLY of NCERT books right now. Do not waste time reading other reference books as you will get confused. Your goal is to crack NEET, not to know it all.
  • For Biology, 90 % Biology questions are framed directly or indirectly from NCERT textbooks. So read and revise a chapter each day from your Biology NCERT book.
  • Focus on NCERT textbooks and revise regularly for inorganic chemistry as well.
  • For Organic Chemistry, focus more on the theory part and regularly practice MCQs.
  • Memorize all formulas & applications for Physics practice with multiple choice questions.
  • For Chemistry & Physics, read and memorize the important formulas and their relations.


How to study

As mentioned above, make sure to read different topics from all subjects each day instead of focusing on a specific subject for a day or even a week. You will learn better and retain more information if you study multiple subjects on the same day. This is a great strategy to crack NEET 2019.

Focus on difficult chapters

Identify the chapters with the most weightage and study the difficult chapters first. As a NEET aspirant you cannot afford to skip any chapters right now, especially the ones carrying the highest weightage. Below you can check out the most important topics from each subject and their respective weightage –


Spend at least 30 minutes every day to focus specifically on the important chapters and master them. You must also highlight important points and take notes that will help you to revise better.

Revise while studying

With only a month left, you need to revise regularly while you prepare for your NEET exam. Once you are complete with a chapter, make sure to revise it the next day. Highlight certain areas & concepts using different coloured markers. Revise those highlighted points and solve MCQs related to the completed lessons to get a better understanding.

Take mock tests & solve previous year questions

Take the NEETell online mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and get used to exam pressure. This will help you develop speed, accuracy and also find out how well you are prepared for the actual exam. You should also solve previous year NEET question papers to gain confidence and retain what you have already learned.

Other strategic tips for NEET preparation in a month

  • Study each chapter in details and develop a thorough understanding of the concepts
  • Focus more on Biology as 90 questions come from this subject, while only 45 questions come from Chemistry & Physics
  • Avoid all distractions at any cost like social media, TV, hanging out with friends etc
  • Avoid taking tuitions during this time as the final phase is solely for self-study
  • Make sure to have 7-8 hours of sleep every day and follow a healthy diet. Never ignore your health
  • Have a positive attitude and do not waste your valuable time worrying about unnecessary things
  • Remind yourself of your dream of becoming a doctor and motivate yourself on a daily basis

Cracking NEET is surely a challenge but it is possible to clear the entrance exam with only 30 days of preparation provided you are willing to do whatever is required. Start studying NOW without wasting any more time. Do not look for short cuts as only hard work teamed with smart strategies & determination can enable to clear NEET 2019.

Good luck!