The Indian Government has been attempting to restructure and reorganize the Medical Council of India (MCI) and medical education in the country since the last 20 years. However, there has been little progress when it comes to the medical council.

Extending MCI BoG Tenure

The Medical Council of India was dissolved by the in 2010 by the UPA government and formed the Board of Governors (BoG) for better operation of the apex medical body. A new law was proposed to substitute the council but as the Government was replaced, the law was never implemented. After several years, the MCI was dissolved yet again by another Government. The Medical Council of India  BoG was constituted with tenure of 2 years, as per a new ordinance announced on 21st February 2019.

With the government’s tenure coming to an end, it is likely that the law substituting the MCI will not be executed, although it is a majority government. Hence the efforts for reforming the apex medical regulatory body and making medical education in Indian better continues.

Medical Council of India & Corruption

The attempts for reorganizing the Medical Council of India (MCI) originally started in November 2001. The Delhi High Court ordered the expulsion of Dr. Ketan Desai, the then president of the council. The HC also accused MCI of a high level of corruption and appointed Maj. Gen. (retd) SP Jhingon as MCI administrator.

In 2002, the SP Jhingon was relieved by the Supreme Court after he complained of being oppressed by MCI members.  In March 2009, Dr Ketan Desai was appointed as the MCI president again and was arrested by CBI on bribery allegations in 2010.

Reconstitution of MCI BoG

In December 2011, the National Council for Human Resources in Health Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha. But it was rejected by a standing committee and the Board of Governors was reconstituted. In March 2013, the IMC (Amendment) Bill, 2013 was introduced by the Government but it was remained unconsidered in the Budget session. Later in the same year, the MCI was reconstituted with 4-year tenure after the Government informed the IMC (Amendment) Second Ordinance 2013.

In December 2017, the NMC Bill 2017 was approved by a cabinet and it introduced in the Lok Sabha by the Health Minister. Later in September 2018, the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 was notified for dissolution of the Medical Council of India and a 7 member BoG was formed.

In February 2019, IMC (Amendment) Second Ordinance 2019 was announced which increased the tenure of the new BoG to 2 years and the number of members was extended to 12 from seven.