Appearing for NEET 2019? Then you need to know that are certain barred items in NEET 2019 that you are prohibited from carrying into the examination hall under any circumstances. All NEET 2019 candidates will have to go through compulsory and extensive compulsory frisking with advanced metal detectors right before they enter the centre.

However, the NTA has announced that in the case of female candidates proper measures will be taken for careful and sensitive frisking. The NTA will also issue detailed instructions accordingly to the authorities at the Examination Centres regarding the issue.

It is important that you don’t carry these barred items in NEET 2019 to the Examination Centre:

  • Stationery items like pen, papers, printed textual material, bits of papers, pencil box, writing pad, scale, eraser, pen drives, calculator, electronic pen etc
  • Gadgets & devices like Mobile Phones, Earphones, Health Band, Pager, Microphone, Bluetooth devices etc
  • Other items like cap/hat, goggles, wallet, handbags, belt etc
  • Any wrist watch, smartwatch, bracelet, camera and other similar items
  • Any ornaments
  • Any eatable items, home-cooked or packaged, opened or in a container, water bottle etc.
  • Any communication device like a camera, microchip, Bluetooth headset etc.

The examination centres will not take any responsibility for keeping any articles/items. Action will be taken against candidates found carrying any barred items as it will be regarded as use of unfair means. So act smart and avoid carrying any items mentioned in the list to the examination hall.

Good luck!