Online Councellor

Description :

Skype A Counselor is an innovative facility that puts the students in contact with the counselors that manage their profiles for admission in their preferred institutions. We bank upon our counselors who possess in-depth knowledge of the industry. With impeccable experience and efficiency level, they make the best use of the machine learning tools and perform pattern recognition and other algorithms to help the NEET Applicants in a constructive manner to help them better their performance. It yields positive results in the end!  

How it Helps?

    Actually, it helps in multiple ways. The following are just a few:
    • Cloud-based interactive session with top counselors
    • Flexibility guaranteed so that you can get in touch with the counselor
    • Scheduled availability never allows you miss a scheduled appointment
    • No traveling needed as you can speak to our experts from your location
    • Students residing in remote areas can also avail of the service
    • High-quality & Result-oriented counseling session
    • The Convenience of use for every student

    You can’t miss this service from NEETell at any cost!  Get in touch today!

Get this service for :

4500/- ₹6100.00

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