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Description :

NEETell appreciates your willingness to know the possibilities of your success in the NEET ranks. In most of the cases, our Artificial Intelligence-Based Admission Guidance Platform get the marks you obtain in NEET and then crosscheck the database with the medical colleges to find out which college(s) would be a perfect fit for you, depending on your specifications. The concept of using this automated platform helps us to do everything possible individually for every student enrolled with us just to set the momentum for him/her!  

How it Helps?

    • Our professionals try to get an estimate of the performance of a student in NEET. 
    • They take into account all the evaluation parameters while calculating the possible marks. 
    • The experts, then, consider the marks and match that with the cut off marks for the yesteryears. 
    • The findings with the help of machine learning tools and algorithms are often correct or close to it. 

    NEETell uses its efficiency to calculate the possibilities of a student in medical admissions. This helps the students well. 

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5999/- ₹6100.00

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