Be first forever (BFF)

Description :

NEETell wishes you to be on top in every possible manner, including receiving all sorts of updates related to admission in the best medical colleges in India. This BFF service keeps you updated with the news related to the entire procedure of medical admission. Our Artificial Intelligence based admission guidance platform delivers the latest information for form submissions, important dates, counseling schedules, and everything else that you may be interested en route to your admission in the best medical colleges and deemed universities in the country. With us, you should be sure about staying updated even without doing anything yourself. We deliver all the information via emails, SMSs, and Whatsapp. 

How it Helps?

    • We receive updates on the admission procedures first. 
    • We have tools that find and serve the real-time data to meet your queries.
    • You get the updates directly within a flash, via email, SMS, or/and Whatsapp! 
    • It provides you ample time to decide things yourself! 

    As staying updated is very crucial until you get admission, so you should seldom think about subscribing to this service at NEETell  

Get this service for :

950/- ₹1000.00

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