Description :

The eagerness of knowing the rank in NEET is a natural tendency. NEETell encourages all the students to avail of this special service that can predict your rank in NEET. With the help of our dedicated Rank Predictor Tool, we assess the NEET data for the last 4 years, get the average, and then find a provisionary rank depending on the marks the students expect to obtain. The prediction is often close to the real ranks. The main objective of this service is to help the students get ready in advance with the best plans for admission to the leading colleges nationwide.

How it Helps?

  • Our technology-based tool assesses the NEET data for the last four years.
  • Artificial intelligence based tool can predict rank in best possible way.
  • The tool then compares the predicted marks that our students provide us with.
  • The predictions are often close to the original results.

NEETell encourages the students to go for it once to get an assumption beforehand. Talk to our admission team or get in touch with the counselor right now!

Marks is required.

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