At NEETell we assess and analyze genuine historic data from our large database with the help of Our machine learning tools and performs pattern recognition and other algorithms on the data to find the best possible college according to your marks and rank. Then, Our ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BACKED ADMISSION-GUIDANCE PLATFORM will help you Achieve your Goal of successfully getting admission.


Sometimes, the simplest observations give you the most exciting business opportunities. We found ours when we saw our team of staffing consultants managing spreadsheets more than managing people. They spent their time sifting through hundreds of application forms, replying to emails, and tracking applications, manually!

“We, thought there had to be a better way of doing this. We were onto something.”

We have seen it all……..Being in this industry from day 1, we have seen it all-from papers to skyscrapers . It all changed so much over time, but the admission cycle ? Nah! It’s the same as it was 10 years ago- slow, pesky and all over the place. We knew a “change” wouldn’t be enough. We must redefine the standards and create something that does anything and everything for an Admission seeker of a new age.

As they say every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation

We were obsessively passionate about our mission and solving admission woes. Armed with artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and sheer hard work, we developed and launched

NEETell in April 2018- A platform that simplifies and automate the Admission Process.



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If you’re new to university applications, or just don’t have enough information about the process, then we provide you the help you need. NEETell OFFERS TECHNOLOGY ENABLED GUIDANCE RIGHT FROM CHOOSING THE BEST FOR YOU TILL GETTING A MEDICAL SEAT IN A COLLEGE OF YOUR DREAM. Let’s get 1st Hand Knowledge to see how we use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to simplify the admission process.




We at NEETell have a group of specialized visionaries who offer a wide range of high quality services that helps to prepare the path for students in a way that puts them far ahead in the race of Medical Admission. They can even chalk out a Plan B in advance to become completely assured to bag a seat in a Medical College. NEETell, being driven by data analytics tools and products, actually predicts and advocates the best route for every student, which gives them an edge over others. LEARN MORE

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